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I check out Fall Guys for the first time. It's fun, but also complete bullsh*t.

all right hello guys how we doing welcome to uh all of you early people oh there's a repeat welcome to uh i forgot to mute twitch again never mind alright there we go that should be better yeah menu music is pretty good isn't it how we got how are you doing guys hello and welcome i'll give it like a couple of minutes let some more people let some more people uh drift in if they want to good over here very good uh yeah no uh no face cam today uh i kind of look like [ __ ] uh so i thought i'd spare you the sight of my ugly kemp's mug today but yeah um so this is the first time ever playing four guys uh i've heard so much about this game over the past couple of weeks and everybody seems...

Sep 1st 2020
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